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April 13 - 15

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Proud sponsor of RailsConf 2021!

April 13 - 15

Years in business since 2006
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Projects across US
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The services, skills and expertise you need

Runtime Revolution is a team of great developers and designers most of whom have worked together for many years and with an average experience of over 10 years.

We take advantage of modern tools, fine-tuned processes and communication to make sure we're always in touch and in sync with our clients. Our values are very important to us, since we focus on building long-lasting relationships based on transparency, competence and trust.
Web Development
Ruby / Rails
Python / Django
Mobile Development
React Native
Product Design
Product Design Session
User Interface
User Testing

How we work

- On the same page as you, no matter the distance.
- We use effective communication tools to always be reachable.
- Transparency is one of our values. For us there's no such thing as "over-communication".
- We know how to help you move your business forward.
- As good humans we are, we won't hide our feelings on any issue.
- We have face-to-face meetings. Communication gets so much easier!
- Our language is aligned with yours.

Some Case Studies

Shermans Travel
We helped NYC-based ShermansTravel, a leading publisher of travel deals and vacation destination advice, migrate their high-traffic site from PHP to Rails. With much improved performance and scalability, the site contributes more than ever to the bottom line. We continue to partner with ShermansTravel as they grow their business. Recently we also redesigned all the site and navigation.
IamYiam is a platform working on a responsive environment to connect natural health practices with people's genetic needs. It covers the practitioner's business management needs and a website platform where people can know more about their genetic profile and book the practitioner's services combining their genetic needs with their goals.
Agri Marketplace
Envisioned to be the reference in agricultural commodities transactions. Agri Marketplace is a B2B global Marketplace, based on core values of fairtrade and transparency, where farmers and industry/retailers make business transactions, supported by premium partners that facilitate logistics and quality insurance of the products.
Nuno Tomás
5 min read
Working for a US company from Lisbon as an offshore team
In February of 2016, I started a new experience in my life. I was cast as the leader of a team (a team of two, at the time, including myself, though
Tiago Gomes
3 min read
Introduction to React — where to start?
Five months ago, I finished my degree and I had never dived into front-end development. So when I first started working and they offered me the chance

We like to share what we've learned

Every once in a while we discover new things. Sometimes those things aren't new, but other times those things may help others.

Why keep it to ourselves?

We like sharing what we've learned and almost every week you can find a new blog post from one of our team members. 

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