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Filipe Correia
5 min read
Extending git with Ruby

At Runtime Revolution all our projects use git as part of the development workflow, which is why I think its important to find ways of extending git to make our lives easier. There are two built in ways for extending git: git hooks and git commands.
José Alves
10 min read
Setting up a simple Rails development environment with Docker for fun and profit

Creating a development environment may seem like a trivial task for many developers. As time progresses, and we find ourselves dwelling commands.
Ana Oliveira
6 min read
Design Patterns & Sources

A design pattern is a way a problem is solved most of the time, avoiding the need to re-invent the wheel. As a UX designer, I resort to these patterns frequently when designing interfaces.e gem’s ...

We are hiring

Junior and Senior Rails Developers


We're looking for great developers that have a drive to get even better and enjoy building things in a team environment. If you're like that, come talk to us!

You will be developing outstanding products for our clients, from MVPs and startups to already established brands. Your role includes development interaction and many other skills required to develop a successful product.

We don't care about how many years of experience you have as long as you can prove that you’re good and love to code!


• Degree and/ or Master's Degree in Computer Engineering
• Experience in Ruby, Rails and associated tools or willingness/interest to learn Ruby
• Experience with relational databases and also in non-relational stores
• Fluent in English
• Interest in areas such as Development, Architecture and Software Engineering
• Dynamism, pro-activity, good communication skills and interpersonal skills
• Good front-end skills
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What "Runtimers" say

"Only a team with talented people at all levels can create and provide great products and services. It's been an honor to belong to this team for so many years!"

Filipe Dias
Team Leader and Senior Developer
"Usually I was plagued by the doubt - Am I in the right place on the right time? Since joining Runtime Revolution the doubt is gone. Great place to work and grow."

João Ramalho
Senior Developer
"Runtime Revolution is the place to be if you want to be recognized by your talent, and to learn and become one of best."

Hélio Gomes
Team Leader and Senior Developer
"What I like on what I do is that I get the chance to know a lot of user's realities around the world and help them to achieve the best experience according to their needs. Runtime Revolution, with so many different projects going on in many geographies and markets, gives us the possibility to keep learning. Besides, the work environment is very informal and promotes a great information exchange between all the teams. All interactions are fluid. The creativity, with all this environment, just flows."

Ana Oliveira
Head of UX Design
“Wouldn’t want to begin my professional career anywhere else. Runtime Revolution is full of intelligent and welcoming people. Plus, we have cake almost every week, how awesome is that?”

Luís Costa
"I have had the opportunity to learn from and grow with Runtime Revolution and look forward to continuing on that path. We have a great team who not only believe in the company’s core values, but they demonstrate them all the time."

Bruno Ló
UX Designer
"Rewarding experience,
A welcoming and fun family for all
at Runtime Revolution."

Diogo Tomé
"One of the best, most talented group of people that I ever worked with. These guys are on it for the long run and they care about everything they do, from the bigger picture to the very last detail."

Paulo Fonseca
UX Designer

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